Hello world!


Welcome! I’m Mike, and am based in Aberdeen, UK – I’ve got back into cycling in the last few years after a hiatus of over 20 years. This blog is here to note down and share some of things I’ve learned while going through this journey of discovery, and cover some of the other related topics that I enjoy hand in hand with cycling: the great outdoors, nature & wildlife, photography, geography & history,  foraging and keep fit.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a ‘serious’ cyclist – I’m not interested in road cycling per se (though I commute to work on bike every day whatever the weather) and neither am I an armour-clad downhill MTB fiend. I primarily enjoy cycling as a means to travel further, explore the countryside, while keeping in shape. Since rejoining cycling, I’ve also taken up trail running and hiking, and I’ll cover some of my ventures in these areas too.

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